PageRank was developed at Stanford University by Larry Page and Sergey Brin (the original founders of Google) in 1996 as part of a project to research a new kind of search engine. Sergey Brin believed that web pages could be indexed in a hierarchy by “link popularity”: a page is ranked higher as there are more links to it. The original Google white paper describing PageRank and the initial prototype of the Google search engine, was published in 1998. Not long after Page and Brin left Stanford to start Google. Interestingly enough, Standford University owns the patent for PageRank and not Google. PageRank continues to provide the basis for all of Google’s web search tools.

PageRank is essentially a metric used by Google to determine the authority of a page and thus its position in search results. PageRank, or PR, is mainly determined by the number of links that are pointing to a website, and what the PageRank authority is of the site that created a link. Keeping this in mind, the only links that matter are those that will pass PageRank to your website. Links that use the “nofollow” attribute, such as most links found in blog comments, provide no value to your link building campaign.

Another measurement of domain authority is ‘mozRank’, which has been gaining in popularity as a metric. ‘mozRank’ is a link popularity score reflecting the importance of a page on the internet. At Wi-Phye we can also help you aquire links that will improve your ‘mozRank’.

At Wi-Phye, with our SEO services, we have the ability to target back links from high PageRank and high ‘mozRank’ domains in order to channel this authority back to your website, thus improving your website’s authority with Google and the other search engines. The links we target for your website are designed to contribute to your natural link profile and not to violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Acquiring multiple links with a certain PageRank or ‘mozRank’ can add to improving the authority of your website. When combined with other components of a balanced linking building campaign, i.e. guest blog posts, forum posts and directory submissions, it will create a diverse, natural and authoritative backlink profile. Google has been emphasizing  natural backlink profiles and if you have one you are much more likely to help your organization achieve higher rankings for competitive keywords.

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