Social NetworkingSocial Networking is increasing in its importance as the search engines put more emphasis on including social signals into their algorithms. This is the reason it is important for any web design or website to include social networking features. Organizations need to show that they engaging in a conversation with their website visitors along with producing and sharing high quality content. Adding social bookmarking is one of the easiest and most effective ways to integrate ‘Social’ into your link building campaign. Not only is it an effective means of sharing content, it is also a proven link building method.

By their vary nature social bookmarks create links back to your website. This carries with it the same advantages of acquiring links by other means. More links means your website will be crawled more often and new content will be indexed quicker than a competing website with fewer inbound links. Social bookmarks not only benefit your SEO campaign but, they also spread your content across the Internet. This can help attract new customers, build your reputation and drive traffic to your website. The additional visitors to your website could even lead to increased sharing of your content on additional user’s social networking accounts. This creates a self reinforcing loop of link building which means even more links.

Social networking can also be used to establish relationships with other individuals in your industry which can be beneficial to your business in many other ways. This is only one example outside of the benefits social can have on your search engine optimization efforts, there are many others.

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