Article Creation and SubmissionThe success of any website is largely based on the quality of its content. There is no point in spending a lot of time and energy creating a website that provides little value to its visitors. Poor content also hinders your SEO efforts. Humans are really good at spotting poor content and the search engines are getting better at this too. Google’s entire business model is based on recommending quality content and serving advertising around it. Where is the value in returning results with sites providing low quality content or no returning visitors? Also, where is the value for an organization who provides a site without any useful information and thus has a weak call to action? Through effective article creation and submission we can help your website succeed.

There are millions of websites on the Internet. Only the ones that offer the best answers to a user’s query should be ranked at the top of the results the search engine returns. If you want to get to the top, then create quality content and don’t just try to game the system. Using black hat SEO techniques only provides short-term results and can negatively affect your website in the long run. At Wi-Phye we will do everything in our power to promote your website without crossing the line. We strive to produce the best results without jeopardize our advantage in the process. If you’re serious about your web presence use a serious organisation to represent you online. Use a Wi-Phye Consultants LLC.

The search engines apply the same rules to every web design. Your job is pretty simple – find an establish, effective, and experienced partner and with their help define your business objectives to create a compelling on-line presence. This will ensure that your goals are met through a high quality site, strong targeted traffic of the correct audience and completed actions based on your call to action.

A poor web presence means a site that is rarely returned by the search engines. It could potentially mean damaging your reputation and it definitely means missing important business opportunities. Basically, it is a waste of time and money until the proper strategy is put into place.

Users love good content and so do search engines. The last few updates to the Google search engine algorithm have directly addressed the issue of poor quality content appearing in the search engine results. A person is much more likely to read a well research, informative article that answers their needs. This is the whole concept of content based Search Engine Optimization. Much in the same way that organic results are perceived as more useful and more valid than PPC ads, articles are regarded as more legitimate information than ads.

If your site doesn’t fulfill the reader’s need for information then the whole thing falls apart. When people like the content you provide, magical things happen. Links to your content spread across the internet. People tend to share and recommend quality content among their friends and on their social networking profiles. Including quality articles and links on your site adds value. Website copy has to inspire, impress, and motivate your vistors to take actions such as contacting your business or sharing links to your website. Clear, researched, well written and  informative content gets results every time.

One of the most effective methods to gain high quality inbound links is by creating well written, interesting, informative and optimized articles like this one. Articles are an essential and proven component of Search Engine Optimization and search engine marketing. When used effectively they can have a very powerful positive effect on your website ranking. Articles also have long-term benefits. Most of the time articles will remain on-line far longer than press releases or news bulletins. Articles are essential in generating links, raising search engine rankings, gaining new leads and delivering targeted traffic to your website.

Articles can be distributed across the Internet various ways. As your SEO company we can submit your article as guest blog post or to the appropriate media outlets. If your articles are informative, well written and are of sufficient quality, recipient sites include them and post links back to your website. As Inbound Links are the primary off-page signal the search engines use to establish authority and determine when and how often to return your website, it is vital that great care and professionalism is applied to writing articles. Our SEO service uses your specific keywords in writing articles in the same way we do with your website content, applying them to titles, subtitles and body copy. Articles can provide original content and through embedded links back to your website raise the authority of your site.

The whole point is to win friends among influential sites who can have a positive impact on your search engine ranking by linking to you through your articles.

Google themselves say –

‘In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.’

A link can be seen as vote by one website for another. Through links one site passes on a little authority to another. This is the basis for how Google PageRank works. Most often sites with genuine authority will only link with sites they feel also have Genuine Authority because their own pagerank is at stake to a certain degree.

Content is king – high quality, exclusive content provides the greatest benifit. Offering high quality isn’t easy and takes a lot of effort. It needs to be professionally developed and optimized. At Wi-Phye we not only create professional articles; we also submit articles to websites and publishers who need high quality content.

We not only know how to write interesting and informative articles, but we also know how to optimize the article’s structure to encourage readers to follow links to your website.

Every article created by Wi-Phye is unique and usually consists of anything between 250-1000 words, depending on the subject matter. We submit our articles to website that will have the greatest effect on your PageRank.

High quality articles can be your best salesperson.

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