Apple Iphone 1.2.0 firmware PWNed, hacked, and beatin with an old lady’s walker

oldlady.jpgGotta give props to Gizmodo for covering this story so well. (it’s almost like they want to steal our traffic along with everyone else’s… nah!!) The Iphone firmware that comes with the Iphone SDK, has been hacked. Dubbed the Pwnage Project, the Dev Team made it possible for the Iphone to not only run any applications, but also to be used with any carrier you want. That’s right, Verizon, TeenMobile etc. The Dev team also speculates that Apple will have a very difficult time correcting this latest hack. Good news just gets better. I know Apple wants their chunk of the money tree, but isn’t it time to let hackers have there way for once? Either way, hackers always win. Woot!

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Read about and get the pwnage tool here

Michael Lewis

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