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Local SEO: How To

If you own a brick and mortar small business you may have heard of SEO (search engine optimization) or even the more specific form of SEO, “Local SEO”. Maybe you have been wondering what these two terms mean or if you should care at all. You should!

SEO is the process of influencing the factors […]

How to Create a Bootable USB Flash Drive

In order to create a bootable USB Flash Drive, you will need some knowledge of computers.  I will attempt to make these directions as simple as possible, but even I can be a bit obtuse at times.  (Who said that?)   Also note that there are other ways to do this, but I am going to share the way that I know works.  Here’s how to create a bootable USB flash drive.


Boxee Remote for the IPhone/Ipod Touch!!

A new application has been released for the Ipod Touch and the Iphone.  A Boxee Media Center remote control application that in my opinion is CRISPY!!!!  The application which is currently available through the App store on your device can be downloaded for free and gives you control over any Boxee media center you may have running on your LAN.  The performance is great and there is no noticeable lag time in issuing commands. Here’s how it works.


Prevent Hot Linking

Just a quick tip to prevent hot linking to the items on your blog. Saves bandwidth and prevent others from embedding images on your site in their blogs.

Add the following code to the .htaccess file at the root of your site.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(www.)?*$
RewriteRule .(gif|png|jpg)$ –

MythTv Remote on your N800/N810

Lirc being a pain?  Does your favorite universal remote NOT work with your new myth box. Mythetomer is a remote control application for your N800 or N810 to control your MythTv.  Mythetomer uses your WLAN or Bluetooth to make a connection to your Myth Frontend for full control.  No cables, no hours of configuring key mappings to remote codes and no IR learning. No IR at all.  Software available from Mythetomer website, links available after the “click”.


How to setup Clonezilla on Linux (Ubuntu). Quick start guide.

Replace Symantec Ghost Enterprise with Clonezilla.
Since posting my article listing the open source alternatives to Symantec Ghost Enterprise, I have received a lot of questions related to installing and configuring Clonezilla, so I thought it would be a good idea to post a “quick start guide” for installing Clonezilla.

The following applies to setting up a network boot environtment using the PXE capabilities of your network card. If you simply want to image a single machine, then I suggest you use the Clonezilla Live CD. You simply boot your system from the CD, mount a network drive, and save your image to the network. It is the same as using a ghost boot disk in DOS but, without all the network card configuration.

If you are anything like me then you don’t like having to remember what you did with a boot disk and have to image a system a lot more often then a couple of times a year. In that case, follow along to setup a Clonezilla server your clients can use to boot from without the need for a boot disk.


How to listen to Sirius online with your Nokia N800 N810 internet tablet.

I’ve had a subscription to sirius satellite radio for the last four months and I can’t say enough good things about it. The best thing about it, besides the lack of commercial interruptions and music selection, is that with the online streaming, you don’t really need to purchase a sirius radio as long as you have an internet connection where you want to listen. This is the case for me.

Over the the last few months I have been able to integrate sirius with MythTV, my Linux and Mac laptops, and now my Nokia N800 internet tablet.

Radio? We don’t need no stinking radio!

I would like to give credit for most of the grunt work to jtyrrell and m00s3computer of the forums. All I did was clean up their instructions and verify the procedure.


Cmd line local and mapped printers to your will all over your network.

I previously wrote about how to delete a local printer on your network but, I have expanded my knowledge on local and mapped printers using the command (cmd) line and decided to share my omnipotence with you. (my head just exploded from ego overload) These little nuggets of fried gold will keep you on the payroll for many years to come. (try to control yourself)


How to crack / recover an Adobe PDF password using pdfcrack for Linux.

From time to time I am asked to break a password on an Adobe PDF file. This mostly comes up when the user who created the pdf can’t remember what their own password is. As annoying as that is, actually recovering the password is simple using pdfcrack.

PDFCrack is a GNU/Linux application (or any other POSIX-compatible system) tool for recovering passwords and content from PDF-files. It is small, command line driven, and without external dependencies. PDFCrack is released under GPL.


How to print out a list of your files and folders in windows.

A coworker of mine recently asked me how he could get a printout of his files and folders. I replied “why are you asking me? I don’t freaking know” (In my defense, I have been out of Zoloft for a week) So as an apology, I did some research and found a program that will print out his crappy files and folders.

The program is called JR Directory Printer and let’s you choose the directory and then sends the map of the folder/drive you specify to a notepad file from which you can then print. I believe it only works in Windows XP, but if it works else where, let me know. Now that I have appeased him, I can get back to my nap time for the next 8 hours. Work is for suckers. Check out the examples and the link for the download on the next page.