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Palm Pre and Sprint Fail!

Palm Pre an iPhone killer? Hardly! Sprint needs to step up their customer service game a bit too!

Where is Radio going next?

On December 24th 1906, the world heard its first extended voice radio broadcast.  It was from Massachusetts and the broadcast was received by “sparks”, otherwise known as the communications officers on merchant ships in the Atlantic.  Since then it seems that radio has made a few technology advances in how we receive their product but since the onset of FM has been stuck in a technology black hole and refuses to accept that the world around them is changing.  Technology is changing and the method to deliver their broadcasts is going to change.  I will admit that the radio industry has made a few attempts to leap forward with the times but have been run over with a truck much like Frogger.  These are my views on some of the mistakes that have been made and where radio needs to advance too.


Installing the HP Mini’s Mie interface on Ubuntu How to

The following are instructions for installing the HP Mini's Mie interface on Ubuntu.

Boxee. My new favorite Internet Media Player

If you haven’t heard of boxee it is an open source application that puts a frontend over the media we stream over the internet. Think of it as your Tivo interface with the recorded programs folder replaced by the content offered by last.fm, and hulu. Another way to look at it would be what Apple TV should have been. Awesome!


Convert your Microsoft Word, Openoffice, and other documents into other formats.

We all know Microsoft sucks when it comes to making things difficult, but I found a site that helps ease that suck.  If you don’t know already, you can’t open a 2007 word document with an older version of word.  Well here is a site that allows you to take any version of a word […]

Hava Player Nokia N800/810 Beta

The Beta release of the Hava Nokia N800/810 software is out and it is GOOD.  On May 8th, Monsoon released their TV streaming software for the N800/810 to a group of beta testers for further testing. The results from the group appear to be good.  I got my hands on this software as part of the beta  program and I am very pleased.


Hava Platinum HD

Hava HD is a Ethernet device for streaming your TV signal across your network to your PC. Don’t have a TV in your kitchen,  drop your laptop on the counter and fire up your Hava Player.  The software gives you full motion video and audio along with a software based remote control to control your Tivo, Sat box, or VCR (who has one of those still).  I have played with this some over the past 3 weeks and so far I am pleasantly surprised.  Video and audio on the local LAN is superb and set-up was fairly straight forward.  The kicker for this device over the popular Slingbox is that Monsoon is developing a client for the Nokia Internet Tablet (N800/810).  The software is out for beta testing this week.  More on that later.


How to hack your Amazon Kindle to read all your ebooks and documents including .pdf, .doc, .xls, chm, .lit, etc..

What is a Kindle?
First off, the Kindle is Amazon’s entry into the ebook reader market.  It joins the Sony PRS-505 Reader which has been around for awhile but, it adds a lot of interesting features such as a free built-in wireless connection that allows you to tap into Amazon’s online bookstore from just about anywhere you can access Sprint’s EVDO cellular data network.


MythTv Remote on your N800/N810

Lirc being a pain?  Does your favorite universal remote NOT work with your new myth box. Mythetomer is a remote control application for your N800 or N810 to control your MythTv.  Mythetomer uses your WLAN or Bluetooth to make a connection to your Myth Frontend for full control.  No cables, no hours of configuring key mappings to remote codes and no IR learning. No IR at all.  Software available from Mythetomer website, links available after the “click”.


Is Windows 2008 Server the savior for the Windows faithful?

Ever since the release of Windows 2008 Server I have been hearing the buzz about it being a better Windows XP replacement then Windows Vista. During the first month after its release I attributed this buzz to the normal hype surrounding every release of a new version of Windows and, as is my habit, I ignored it but, the buzz continued.