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Why Joomla?

The Joomla website system is a CMS (content managment system) that allows you to quickly and easily build web, intranet, merchant or personal spaces quickly and easily.  Post content using a browser based managment portal just as easily as creating a document with a word processor and add tags and SEO information quickly and easily. […]

Palm Pre and Sprint Fail!

Palm Pre an iPhone killer? Hardly! Sprint needs to step up their customer service game a bit too!

Boxee Remote for the IPhone/Ipod Touch!!

A new application has been released for the Ipod Touch and the Iphone.  A Boxee Media Center remote control application that in my opinion is CRISPY!!!!  The application which is currently available through the App store on your device can be downloaded for free and gives you control over any Boxee media center you may have running on your LAN.  The performance is great and there is no noticeable lag time in issuing commands. Here’s how it works.


TweetDeck now supports FaceBook!!! One App to Rule Your Social Agenda!

If your tired of updating all of your social networks individually (ie Twitter and Facebook), check out the new TweetDeck.

Just 2 days after the announcement by Seesmic of a standalone Facebook application that is built on Adobe Air just like TweetDeck,  Facebook now is integrated into TweetDeck.  You can post updates to Twitter and Facebook […]

Hava Player Nokia N800/810 Beta

The Beta release of the Hava Nokia N800/810 software is out and it is GOOD.  On May 8th, Monsoon released their TV streaming software for the N800/810 to a group of beta testers for further testing. The results from the group appear to be good.  I got my hands on this software as part of the beta  program and I am very pleased.


Hava Platinum HD

Hava HD is a Ethernet device for streaming your TV signal across your network to your PC. Don’t have a TV in your kitchen,  drop your laptop on the counter and fire up your Hava Player.  The software gives you full motion video and audio along with a software based remote control to control your Tivo, Sat box, or VCR (who has one of those still).  I have played with this some over the past 3 weeks and so far I am pleasantly surprised.  Video and audio on the local LAN is superb and set-up was fairly straight forward.  The kicker for this device over the popular Slingbox is that Monsoon is developing a client for the Nokia Internet Tablet (N800/810).  The software is out for beta testing this week.  More on that later.


Full MythTv Frontend on the N810

Yes folks, we have all dreamed of it and it may soon be reality.  There is a semi-functional Mythtv Frontend, in alpha, built for the Nokia Internet Tablet.  With MythTv moving towards QT4 someone has ported the front end over to OS 2008.  It is not completely functional as of now but, it looks to be a good start.  Currently there is a port in works for the front end and back end.  Check out the teasers after the “click”.


MythTv Remote on your N800/N810

Lirc being a pain?  Does your favorite universal remote NOT work with your new myth box. Mythetomer is a remote control application for your N800 or N810 to control your MythTv.  Mythetomer uses your WLAN or Bluetooth to make a connection to your Myth Frontend for full control.  No cables, no hours of configuring key mappings to remote codes and no IR learning. No IR at all.  Software available from Mythetomer website, links available after the “click”.


Ubuntu Hardy Heron Available Today

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron is available today for mass consumption.  Fire up your favorite bit torrent client and get to work.  What are you waiting for.

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A file manager written in PHP.

If  you want to talk about great PHP scripts then you need to check out phpXplorer.

From the website:
phpXplorer is an open source file management system written in PHP. It enables you to work on a remote file system through a web browser. By default it has got dialogs for editing HTML, PHP, image, Apache, compressed […]