WINDOWS 7, Quest for the Holy Grail?

Speculation and a leak from Microsoft just a couple weeks ago pointed towards a new M$ operating system to be released sometime in 2009. The new OS currently named Windows 7 has been in the planning stages since the release of Vista. What does this say to the people who unwisely went scurrying to the local computer shops to buy the ever so exciting new VISTA OS by Microcash? IT DOESN’T WORK, MICROSOFT KNEW IT DIDN’T WORK AND THEY WERE GOING TO SELL IT TO YOU ANYWAY. Microsoft apparently has buried its conscious and is O.K. with selling consumers a substandard product. So what could be in store for the new and fabulous Windows 7? My suggestion is consumer beware. Vista wouldn’t work with anything so Windows 7 probably won’t even install. Maybe Microsoft should build their new desktop around the blue screen of death so people will think everything is OK. Support Linux!!!!!

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Michael Lewis

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