Lets face it. Some of us are just more visual then others. For example, no matter how many times I write long articles explaining how to do something for my mother she just can’t seem to understand it. Wouldn’t it just be easier to show her? Enter freesceencast.com. Freescreencast.com allows you to quickly and easily create a screen cast that you can share with anyone.

Freescreencast.com consists of a Windows only utility that handles the creation and posting of your screen cast to their website. Once posted you can embed the screen cast anywhere you like. Just like a youtube video. An example of the code is below.

Although I didn’t find it on there site you can change the height and width of the embedded object by simply changing the values in the code above.Another great thing about freescreenscat.com is you don’t actually have to host the screen casts you create on their site. The utility allows you to save the resulting .flv anywhere you like. So even if this incredibly useful site doesn’t last your content will. Check out their demo video below.

Start Casting for mom….


I found that you can use this site with other operating systems if you use VMware on windows. Simply start the utility and then maximize your guest operating system to full screen. Unfortunately you have to use Windows as your host OS. Guess that boot camp partition gets to stick around awhile longer.