If you arrived here through a google search to find out how to record an HDTV channel from component inputs all I can say is the wait for a device capable of doing this is nearly over. Hauppauge’s much-anticipated HD-PVR looks close to being released.

Hauppauge debuted their HD PVR, which can take a HD signal from its component inputs and transcode it to H.264 in real time for storage on your computer, at CES this year. What this will really allow you to do is bypass any restrictions on recording HDTV programs to your selected device. For me that finally means my full digital cable lineup will be available to my MythTV DVR. Granted this device will sit in the analog hole between your cable / direct tv receiver and your HDTV so, there will be a slight loss of quality due to that and the compression to H.264 but, this should still provide a quality picture. Even with this slightly loss of quality, the promise of opening up all HDTV channels on cable or satellite to any type higher quality recording, has been the holy grail for HTPC for a long time.

Hauppauge had planned to release this unit in Q1 of this year but, like all good things, it will come to those who wait.

That wait may be coming to an end according to one of the moderators over at the Sage TV forums. They even got a few pictures of the device.

Hauppauge HD-PVR

Granted, it is not much to look at but, the promised real-time H.264 compression of 1080i video from a component video source should be more enough to make up for any design issues. Too top it off, that same SageTV moderator is reporting that Hauppauge should be starting to take pre-orders for the device relatively soon and may already be doing so by the time you read this post. The unit is still expected to set you back about $250.


It appears that you can pre-order the HD-PVR now. Shipping will start May 1st.

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