GreasemonkyIf you don’t know what Grease Monkey is, it is a Firefox plugin that allows you to run your own java script on any page you are viewing. Now why would you want to do that? Well, basically it allows you to fix or enhance any web page out there to meet your requirements and not those that the designer wants to force on you. In order to help you write the java script you might need, you can use another plugin for FireFox, Firebug.

Firebug allows you to hover over a certain section of the web page and it will show you the relevant code that generates the selected object. Very useful.

Once you put these two utilities together the possibilities are endless. If you are not interested in writing the java script yourself, there are tons of free scripts for Grease Monkey located at for you to freely use.

Check out the funny and useful demo video after the break.

Have fun