inverted-color-printer.jpgA coworker of mine recently asked me how he could get a printout of his files and folders. I replied “why are you asking me? I don’t freaking know” (In my defense, I have been out of Zoloft for a week) So as an apology, I did some research and found a program that will print out his crappy files and folders.

The program is called JR Directory Printer and let’s you choose the directory and then sends the map of the folder/drive you specify to a notepad file from which you can then print. I believe it only works in Windows XP, but if it works else where, let me know. Now that I have appeased him, I can get back to my nap time for the next 8 hours. Work is for suckers. Check out the examples and the link for the download on the next page.



Download JR Directory Printer here