Sometimes I think that Apple is trying to compete with Microsoft on code bloat. The advantage of OSX is that we can remove the bloat without breaking the system. What if I told you that you could recover up to 3 gigs of space in under 3 minutes. You would say heck yes Mike. Tell me how…

Target the printer drivers

By default OSX contains nearly 3 gigs of printer drivers. Seeing most of us use only one printer or printers from only a few different manufactures, we can safely delete the ones we don’t need

1. Open up Finder

2. Navigate to your main hard drive.

3. Navigate to Library.

4. Navigate to Printers.

Warning: I’m not responsible if you do any damage. Proceed at your own risk. If you are careful then there is no danger in doing this.

5. Remove all the folders named after manufactures of printers you are never going to use.

Bingo! Empty your trash bin and refresh the finder window to see how much space you gained. The Epson folder alone is over a gig.