htmlPlaygroundI mean that in a purely technical way. If you are looking for life changing advice, boy are you in the wrong place. Anyway, since starting this site I have, on occasion, found myself helping my team with basic html coding. Although everyone here is an uber techie, only I have actually done any web development. That’s O.K. If we all did the same thing we be doomed to failure just like the management at our day jobs. So I was pretty happy when I found htmlPlayground. This Web 2.0 site allows you test code, in a sandbox environment, right on the page. It also includes a full html, css, and xhtml reference library. Basicaly you can write the code, look up what a specific parameter does, code or tweak an example, and see the result all on one page. Pretty darn usefully even to those with experience in such things. Click the link to check it out.

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