Microsoft buys Sidekick producer Danger. OHHH GOD

Lets start this post out with a big SIGH. OK, now that’s out of the way, Microsoft has now bought Danger Inc. who manufactures the wildly popular Sidekick mobile phone sold by T-mobile. I have to say that a few years ago I bought a sidekick and thought it was a really cool little gidget. Decent web browser, phone, and PDA. It wasn’t as great as say a Crackberry but unless you need all the enterprise software that comes with crackberries, the sidekick was not bad for those lesser individuals. Over a few years sidekicks even got smaller and some of the apps improved making even nicer. NOW WHAT! Microsoft buys up another company for a considerable chunk of change to do what you ask? My guess is flip the product make it slightly their own in some way and load WINBLOWS on it. Is anyone else out there getting sick of seeing products based strictly on windows or even online apps that work strictly on IE. Sorry that’s my windows rant for the day.

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Michael Lewis

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