I hope not, but reports are coming in that it fixes a lot of things behind the scenes. Well who the hell cares about that? If I have to click ok one more time because Vista wants to make tripily sure that I want to run a program that I have run 50 gazillion times already or makes me do another 72 double back flips with a nut twisting dismount so I can figure out how to enable my microphone when I can’t even see it in the control panel, I’m going to take it out on the many newbs in Call of Duty 4. Well, ok I was going to slaughter you anyway, but now I have more of a reason. (enter evil laugh here) In my opinion, all that is front and center and not behind the scenes.

The word from Microsoft is that SP1 makes many of their improvements from customer feedback, which mainly include stability and performance. Gaming and networking were also touched upon. So what is the verdict? Well, let’s let you decide. I am going to attempt to set up my first poll based on this article. If it doesn’t work, well you can blame Microsoft cause at this point, I’m sure they can take it.