ubuntu1.jpgDo you ever get tired of swapping CDs or DVDs around? How about packing all those movies and music discs for that long flight? If so, why don’t you put that big honking hard drive of yours to work and simply create copies of your media. This also saves the battery on your laptop. Spinning the CD/DVD drive on that cross country flight will mean you’ll be reading the back of the barf bag some where over Iowa because you have run out of juice.

1. Insert the CD or DVD .
2. Open a terminal window.
3. Execute the following command:

cat /dev/scd0 /home/mike/test.iso

where /dev/scd0 is the device name for your drive and /home/mike is replaced with the path where you want to save the image.

You now have an image of the disc you wanted to copy.

If you want to mount the image you created do the following.

1. Open a terminal window.
2. Ceate a new directory for your ISO image. Execute the following command in your terminal window:

sudo mkdir /media/iso

3. Now execute this command to mount the ISO image:

sudo mount /home/mike/test.iso /media/iso -o loop

Make sure to change the path in the above command to the path of the desired ISO file.

4. Close the terminal window.
5. If you are using Ubuntu goto the Main Menu.
6. Click Places and select iso.
7. The file browser will open, displaying the contents of the ISO image.

To unmount the file, use this command in a terminal window:

sudo umount /media/iso/