Getting directions online is part of our everyday rituals now, so why not do it in style? Google Earth lets you play god satellite and lets you zoom from seeing the whole earth to the roof of your house/apartment/underpass. You can get directions and not only will Google Earth map it out for you backwards and forwards, but you can “drive” the route via digital car. I’m not sure if this will help you or not, but it makes my top googolplex of cool features. (get it… googolplex… oh shut up) My favorite thing to do is to check out other places in the world like Rome or Japan. The satellite photos of the world are updated about once a month, so you can’t really spy on anyone if that’s what your evil little mind was thinking. Here are some other cool features of Google Earth.

  1. Keeps track of your favorite places
  2. Option for weather information
  3. Option for 3D Buildings
  4. Option for traffic information
  5. View the sky and get directions to the moon (please don’t try this)

Get Google Earth here