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Ipod invention leads to more car accidents and padded everything in the blink of an eye.

Japan’s new eyelid control for the Ipod is a new great way to make accident prone people live up to their name. (and they never needed help to begin with) Infrared sensors that you attach to your glasses or headphones detect blinking commands that change the song. Taniguchi told reuters that the blinking interface requires the user to wink strongly for 1 second with one eye to rewind, use the other to skip to the next song, or close both eyes to pause and play. So now you don’t just have to worry about drunk drivers, or people who haven’t slept in a month. (cause I don’t worry about enough as it is) It is these kind of inventions that are not thought through enough before they are designed and sold.


Hansel and Gretal drunk at the wheel, but high tech bread crumbs get them home.

When Hansel and Gretal were shunned from their home they immediately found the first drinking hole to drown their sorrows. When they started to eat the pool table and chairs, they were kicked out, but were lucky enough to steal a gingerbread car with NDrive’s G400 PND. This great new device not only […]

T.V. Comes to WiFi enabled cell phones and internet tablets


“PacketVideo (PV) has demonstrated its new pocketable mobile broadcast receiver that turns WiFi-enabled phones and personal media players into mobile TVs.”

“The mobile broadcast receiver will be available in versions for all major mobile broadcast standards, including TDtv, DVB-H and MediaFLO as well as for WiMAX. The device can also be customized with the […]

Installing a Mythtv OSX Frontend.

Install OSX and the Mythtv frontend on a clean system.
For Christmas this year I got an awesome gift of a Mac Mini core solo to use as a Mythtv frontend on my bedroom entertainment center. My brother had recently bought two of them and said they worked great. He configured the Mac against his own Mythtv system in Ohio and then shipped it too me in Florida. The unit booted fine when I got it but would not connect to my Mythtv backend. So I started from scratch and here’s how I did it.


Minority Report Cube Becomes Really Real… Really!!

So I never was a huge fan of the movie Minority Report, but I did like that cube that Tom Cruise used to fondle before he became obsessed and addicted to Scientology. Now, you too can find out who is going to almost kill who next. (what did I say?) All you […]

Widgets on Apple TV?

Ars-Technica is reporting that a recent patent filling by Apple points to widgets being developed for the Apple TV. I sure hope this is the case. When the Apple TV was first released I read all the reviews that reported that it missed the mark so I didn’t actually pay attention until it was hacked […]

Using the Nokia N770, N800, & N810 Internet Tablet with a bluetooth cell phone.

N800 I hate smart phone web browsers. They never seem to work with the one web page I need. Plus the screens are so small as to be almost unreadable. That is where the Nokia N800 internet tablet enters the picture. The N800 features a crisp 800x480 display and the Firefox web browser we all know and love. It was designed from the beginning to complement your cell phone. Below I will explain how to couple your N800 with your bluetooth phone so you have full internet access when you are out of range of a wifi hot spot, all without having to pay for a data plan from your cell phone provider.

I think I swallowed a video camera?

Can’t remember what you had for dinner last night? Want to make sure your soon to be ex-wife isn’t trying to slowly kill you by putting rat pellets in your morning coffee? (those white floaty things were so not marshmallows. she will get hers!!) The University of Washington has developed […]

Be gone multiple mobile device chargers.

So I walked into my bedroom the other night, looked at my nightstand and it looked like an octopus standing on its head trying to get a hold of my TV remote. The rats nest of cords from chargers for my multiple mobile devices was out of control. I don’t know about you […]

Wifi Enabled Home Theater Remote

Here is one to file away in you upcoming cool gadgets file. TvCompass has introduced a Wifi enabled Home Theater Remote control. The Windows CE based device boasts a color screen, wifi capability, built in browser and can control about two dozen devices simultaneously.

The days of entering multiple device codes into your universal […]