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A whole mess of N800 / N810 news.

There is a whole mess of news related to my favorite internet tablet that has come out over the past few days.
Nokia N810 with WiMax
First off, there was the debut of the WiMax enabled N810 at CTIA 2008. Other then the addition of the WiMax radio, only the color of the standard N810 has changed. It is slightly darker now and I think it looks pretty good.


Asus Eee PC with Windows XP available at Bestbuy April 9th.

LaptopMag is reporting that the Asus EeePC is going to be available in April at Bestbuy. It should run around $399. The system that will run the Windows XP OS will be the standard Eee PC 4G. Check out the specifications list after the jump.


Why do Monster Cables cost so much? Here’s your answer.

Why do Monster brand audio video cables cost so much? Do they really give your A/V equipment a better signal path from component to component. Is there some magical gas or material that is used to magically turn your system into the most efficient high bandwidth entertainment machine known to the planet. […]

The Logitech diNovo Mini does work in OSX and Nokia N800

The title should read
“Does work in OSX, with the Nokia N800, and, wait for it, Linux.” At least Ubuntu.

Well I just received my Logitech diNovo Mini from Amazon this afternoon and I’ve had just enough time to run a few test.

First I tried it with the Nokia N800. Once I got over the hurdle of the passcode (enter any passcode on the N800’s keyboard pair settings and then type it in on the diNovo) I was all set on the N800. Of course the Nokia N800 (being a touch screen device) doesn’t have a mouse cursor per say but, the menu mode of the diNovo Mini lets you navigate just fine. That coupled with the keyboard shortcuts proved to be quite useful. The keyboard shortcuts on the N800 do have to be tweaked a bit from their defaults given the key layout on the diNovo but, this is not all that hard.


N810 Price drop. My first retraction.

It was reported across the net and repeated here that Nokia dropped the price on the N810 Internet Tablet. Apparently there was a mistake because the price is back up to $439. Darn it! If you jumped on this mistake and actually got one, I hate you. You can enjoy a 15% discount by […]

Logitech diNovo Mini finally released.

Although it is still not listed for sale on Logitech’s site, Amazon is now shipping the Logitech diNovo Mini bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo. I’ve been waiting for this little gem since it’s announcement at CES earlier this year.

If you missed this piece of kit read on for a brief description.


Nokia N810 price drop. Oh happy days..

I’m having a good morning. Why you might ask? Well Nokia has announced a price drop on one of my favorite gadgets of all time. The Nokia 810 internet tablet. Nokia has dropped $90 off the MSRP to bring it to $389.99. Of course, you can probably find this, all in one, Linux based dream […]

A little more Asus Eee PC news

After last weeks announcement about a Windows XP option for the Asus Eee PC a few more details have come out. In an interview with Laptop Magazine, Jerry Shen, CEO of Asus, said that the new EeePC will be available in April and uses Intel’s 45nm ‘Diamondville’ processor, now named Atom. There will be a […]

iPhone SDK released. Next…

Just in case you live under a rock like I do, Apple released the iPhone SDK today. Apparently its free but, it costs 99 dollars to publish an application. Considered yourself informed. Back to trimming my nails.

Quick highlights.

SDK released for free.
iPhone/Touch update in June.
App store.
No, you can’t buy the SIM unlock app in the store.
Finally, […]

Asus Eee PC with Windows XP?

Asus announced it will begin shipping it’s Eee PC laptop with Windows XP pre-installed in place of Linux. Talk about the good chasing the bad. Don’t worry though. The Linux version isn’t going anywhere.

When Asus came out with the Eee in Japan it offered it with XP as its primary OS. The model number was […]