Japan’s new eyelid control for the Ipod is a new great way to make accident prone people live up to their name. (and they never needed help to begin with) Infrared sensors that you attach to your glasses or headphones detect blinking commands that change the song. Taniguchi told reuters that the blinking interface requires the user to wink strongly for 1 second with one eye to rewind, use the other to skip to the next song, or close both eyes to pause and play. So now you don’t just have to worry about drunk drivers, or people who haven’t slept in a month. (cause I don’t worry about enough as it is) It is these kind of inventions that are not thought through enough before they are designed and sold.

So you’re at your desk working on the new invention to change your Ipod songs by random punching, when your boss starts to talk to you about current layoffs and you’re the lucky blah blah blah… when you get to a song you can’t stand and change it via the eyelid control. Now your boss thinks you are winking at him or her and one of two things happen. You get a raise cause your boss can finally get you into bed or you get “laid off” cause your boss is so not gay.

Speaking of stupid ideas, England has come up with padded poles because people are so focused on texting, they are injuring themselves by running into them. What’s next, padded rooms, and cars? I personally think if you put spikes on the poles you could solve two problems at once, plus they would look cooler. (Natural Selection at it’s best)

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