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HTML by example. Sometimes we all need a little help…

I mean that in a purely technical way. If you are looking for life changing advice, boy are you in the wrong place. Anyway, since starting this site I have, on occasion, found myself helping my team with basic html coding. Although everyone here is an uber techie, only I have actually done any web […]

The definitive guide to remote controlling your PC.

We have all been there. Its late at night and you are beat from a day of answering questions and solving problems for your coworkers. All you want to do is watch T.V. and goto bed. Then the phone rings and it is either a family member or friend who just blew up their computer downloading the latest holiday screen saver which wiped out something they need ASAP. For your sake I hope it was a cocktail recipe. Anyway, instead of trying to teach them where the My Computer icon is or the intricacies of regedit over the phone, wouldn’t be easier to take control of their system remotely and just fix it yourself. That way you can get back to your Bay Watch rerun faster. Read on for the definitive guide to remote controlling your PC.


Copy files without over writing existing ones.

Here’s a time saving tip for ya… If you are copying a bunch of files in Windows XP and do not want to overwrite any of them, you are usually stuck pressing no, no, no, for every file. The next time you are given the options you […]

I left my default router password in my other purse…

I came home today to find my house had been struck by lightning, which is weird cause it’s still winter here. (welcome to Cleveland) What is even more peculiar is that my wireless router was “smoking” with my telephone and Barry Manilow was playing in the back round. Disturbing thoughts aside, neither […]

How to get a blazing fast flash hard drive cheap…

If you are anything like me, and I’m willing to bet you are seeing you are reading this, then the appearance of SSD hard drives makes you drool. Think of those fast boot times. Ummm… Of course there is always a price to pay for that kind of performance and for now that price […]

The easy way to delete local printers from your Windows network pc’s.

You could go around to every PC in your network and delete the local printer that way. Hopefully you don’t have over 10,000 PC’s across the globe cause otherwise you’re about to blow your budget for the remainder of the year. Luckily for you, I found a little script that can run in command line or be written in a bigger script (if you know how) to delete those printers and maybe if you’re lucky, the company will give you a raise for saving them a lot of time and money. (I wouldn’t hold your breath)


How to remove 3 gigs of crap from OSX.

Sometimes I think that Apple is trying to compete with Microsoft on code bloat. The advantage of OSX is that we can remove the bloat without breaking the system. What if I told you that you could recover up to 3 gigs of space in under 3 minutes. You would say heck yes Mike. Tell me how…


Installing a Mythtv OSX Frontend.

Install OSX and the Mythtv frontend on a clean system.
For Christmas this year I got an awesome gift of a Mac Mini core solo to use as a Mythtv frontend on my bedroom entertainment center. My brother had recently bought two of them and said they worked great. He configured the Mac against his own Mythtv system in Ohio and then shipped it too me in Florida. The unit booted fine when I got it but would not connect to my Mythtv backend. So I started from scratch and here’s how I did it.


Easy screencast utility for your mom…

Lets face it. Some of us are just more visual then others. For example, no matter how many times I write long articles explaining how to do something for my mother she just can’t seem to understand it. Wouldn’t it just be easier to show her? Enter allows you to quickly and easily […]

Automatically backup MySQL.

I found this useful script for backing up MySQL on

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