Don’t fear, Microsoft Vista SP1 is here. Epic fail?

I hope not, but reports are coming in that it fixes a lot of things behind the scenes. Well who the hell cares about that? If I have to click ok one more time because Vista wants to make tripily sure that I want to run a program that I have run 50 […]

Skype 2.0 and Linux share a nanobyte frapachino together

With Skype 2.0, video conferencing for Linux is a go. The Windows and OS X versions with video are already out. Now you can see your mistress as she talks about her lingerie and how they barely cover her unmentionables. mmm unmentionables. Skype has also fixed some bugs and made the […]

N810 Price drop. My first retraction.

It was reported across the net and repeated here that Nokia dropped the price on the N810 Internet Tablet. Apparently there was a mistake because the price is back up to $439. Darn it! If you jumped on this mistake and actually got one, I hate you. You can enjoy a 15% discount by […]

GNOME 2.22 released

From arstechnica… “The GNOME development community has announced the official release of version 2.22 after six months of development. GNOME is an open-source desktop environment that supplies a complete user interface and an assortment of programs for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. GNOME 2.22 will be featured in Fedora 9 and Ubuntu 8.04, […]

Apple Iphone 1.2.0 firmware PWNed, hacked, and beatin with an old lady’s walker

Gotta give props to Gizmodo for covering this story so well. (it’s almost like they want to steal our traffic along with everyone else’s… nah!!) The Iphone firmware that comes with the Iphone SDK, has been hacked. Dubbed the Pwnage Project, the Dev Team made it possible for the Iphone to […]

Myth 0.21 is out. How did I miss this one?

In my defense I haven’t been reading the MythTV mailing list in a few days. I know, I’m a slacker. For those of you that don’t know, MythTV is a an open source software Personal Video Recorder project. It lets you build a box similar to a TiVo or ReplayTV, but much more powerful – and more easily modified. It is ideally suited to allow you to ditch that piece of … DVR from your cable company.

I’ve been using MythTV in one form or another for the better part of two years and I have been nothing but pleased. Granted you have to be semi decent at Linux and have the time to tweak the system but, if you do, you’ll be more then happy. I use it for whole house media distribution.


Logitech diNovo Mini finally released.

Although it is still not listed for sale on Logitech’s site, Amazon is now shipping the Logitech diNovo Mini bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo. I’ve been waiting for this little gem since it’s announcement at CES earlier this year.

If you missed this piece of kit read on for a brief description.


Nokia N810 price drop. Oh happy days..

I’m having a good morning. Why you might ask? Well Nokia has announced a price drop on one of my favorite gadgets of all time. The Nokia 810 internet tablet. Nokia has dropped $90 off the MSRP to bring it to $389.99. Of course, you can probably find this, all in one, Linux based dream […]

A little more Asus Eee PC news

After last weeks announcement about a Windows XP option for the Asus Eee PC a few more details have come out. In an interview with Laptop Magazine, Jerry Shen, CEO of Asus, said that the new EeePC will be available in April and uses Intel’s 45nm ‘Diamondville’ processor, now named Atom. There will be a […]

Since when is viewing a URL hacking?

Since today I guess. If you weren’t already aware of the uproar yet, apparently Howard Forums has been threatened with a take down notice for a post containing a publicly accessible URL. What’s in the URL that is so bad? It appears to be a list of unencrypted streams used by Mobi TV on Sprint […]