Microsoft gives Yahoo a deadline… Yahoo gives Microsoft the finger

If you haven’t heard, Microsoft has been trying to acquire Yahoo for a while now and recently they gave Yahoo a 3 week deadline to come up with its decision. In response by a letter signed by Jerry Yang (CEO) and Roy Bostock (chairman) they state
“we will not allow you or anyone else to […]

Record HDTV from component inputs.

If you arrived here through a google search to find out how to record an HDTV channel from component inputs all I can say is the wait for a device capable of doing this is nearly over. Hauppauge’s much-anticipated HD-PVR looks close to being released.

Hauppauge debuted their HD PVR, which can take a HD signal from its component inputs and transcode it to H.264 in real time for storage on your computer, at CES this year. What this will really allow you to do is bypass any restrictions on recording HDTV programs to your selected device. For me that finally means my full digital cable lineup will be available to my MythTV DVR. Granted this device will sit in the analog hole between your cable / direct tv receiver and your HDTV so, there will be a slight loss of quality due to that and the compression to H.264 but, this should still provide a quality picture. Even with this slightly loss of quality, the promise of opening up all HDTV channels on cable or satellite to any type higher quality recording, has been the holy grail for HTPC for a long time.

Hauppauge had planned to release this unit in Q1 of this year but, like all good things, it will come to those who wait.


Hack and unlock your iphone with the iphone Pwnage tool.

The iphone-dev team has released the pwnage tool that will allow you to make your iphone work with whatever software/application you choose. Reports are coming in that it works pretty well, but you do need to have the iphone 2.0 firmware before you install the hack tool and all your favorite apps. Here is a blurb about the 2.0 firmware from Apple.
CUPERTINO, California—March 6, 2008—Apple® today previewed its iPhone™ 2.0 software, scheduled for release this June, and announced the immediate availability of a beta release of the software to selected developers and enterprise customers. The iPhone 2.0 beta release includes both the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) as well as new enterprise features such as support for Microsoft Exchange Activesync to provide secure, over-the-air push email, contacts and calendars as well as remote wipe, and the addition of Cisco IPsec VPN for encrypted access to private corporate networks.
Find out more from Apple about firmware 2.0 here

The pwnage tool is very easy to use. First you need to back up all your iphone data using itunes.


A whole mess of N800 / N810 news.

There is a whole mess of news related to my favorite internet tablet that has come out over the past few days.
Nokia N810 with WiMax
First off, there was the debut of the WiMax enabled N810 at CTIA 2008. Other then the addition of the WiMax radio, only the color of the standard N810 has changed. It is slightly darker now and I think it looks pretty good.


Cheap embedded or nearly embedded Linux servers.

For awhile now I have been searching around for a cheap and low power replacement for an old P4 3.0 GHz server that I use as a dedicated Linux/NAS. During the middle of last year I picked up a used Mac Mini off of eBay, loaded Ubuntu on it, and have been using that as a dedicated server with an external USB drive. This has served me well but, I feel like I’m waisting a perfectly good core 2 duo as a lonely file server. Linux doesn’t need that kind of horse power and the Mac Mini is better suited to being a MythTV front end. So the hunt is on.


Flux Capaciter built for Google’s gmail, I wish… April Fools

Google is having fun at our expense again, and I love em for it. Google has made an email time stamp that let’s you choose when the email was actually sent.   I could see the potential already…
Jennifer, I just wanted to say how much I love you and that you mean everything […]

Asus Eee PC with Windows XP available at Bestbuy April 9th.

LaptopMag is reporting that the Asus EeePC is going to be available in April at Bestbuy. It should run around $399. The system that will run the Windows XP OS will be the standard Eee PC 4G. Check out the specifications list after the jump.


Linux unscathed at the PWN 2 OWN contest

The Macbook air went down quick in only 2 minutes on the first day of the competition. Windows Vista SP1 went down on the last day after 2 days of intense work. The only OS left standing (drum role please) LINUX. Reportedly, participants reportedly were not prepared to deal with the […]

Do you need free and legal images for your blog?

If you do need free and legal pictures for your blog did you ever consider I never did until someone pointed out that you can search for images by license.

Go to advanced search, choose Commercial license and search away. The selection is amazing, but what will really impress you is the quality.

Happy hunting.

WordPress 2.5 has finally been released!

I’m sure this is being covered to death but, if you haven’t heard, WordPress 2.5 is out. Some of the improvements include:

multi-file uploading
one-click plugin upgrades
built-in galleries
customizable dashboard
salted passwords and cookie encryption
media library
a WYSIWYG that doesn’t mess with your code
concurrent post editing protection
full-screen writing
search that covers posts and pages

The most significant changes are to […]